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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your standard turnaround?

Most orders consisting of 50-60 spools take approximately 7 to 10 regular working days from start to finish. This is dependent on shop scheduling and any grinding requirements at the beginning of the job.

What is the longest length of pipe you can internally coat?

We can internally coat 20-foot single random joint flange-to-flange on two-inch and 40-foot double random joints on three-inch and up.

How many elbows can you go around?

Only one directional turn is allowed per fabricated pipe spool. Please contact a Brother’s representative for further information on Fabricated Design for Coated piping.

Do you grind the weld beads?

Yes, for a fee, we can perform grinding and radius of flange edges. This is usually done on piping we are contracted to internally line.

How do you get the deeper welds ground?

We have special in-house designed lances for our grinders.

Why do you have to radius flange edges and what is that?

The flange bore is required to be 1/8″ radius to give the coating a continuous surface for the coating between the flange bore and the flange gasket.This helps to prevent coating failures at the bore to gasket surface interface.

Is your coating force cured and ready for service upon delivery? Yes.Our coatings are force cured as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Do you do external coatings as well? Absolutely. We apply coatings for above grade equipment exposed to UV light, below grade coating systems for underground piping and equipment, coating for under insulation as well as high temperature requirements.

Is a QC coating report provided with my order?

Yes. Every job we ship, goes out the door with a copy of the Quality Control and coating report.

Do you have lifting equipment for offloading and loading?

You bet. We have both a six-ton and a 10-ton forklift.

Do you have good access for trucks? Yes, we have two gates that allow for easy pull-through service without the hassles of having to turn around.

Are your coatings holiday free?

Absolutely. Our coatings are solid and free of any defects. You won’t find any pinholes, cracks, or improper adhesion. We have an extensive QC/QA process to make sure the integrity of our coatings remain 100% Holiday Free.

Do you spray 100% solids epoxy for below grade piping?  Yes we do. We offer three 100% solid alternatives to fusion bonded epoxy. We spray Novocoat SC2200, Novocoat R200 & Denso Protal 7250.

Do you offer an alternative to external fusion bonded epoxy?

Yes. We spray Novocoat SC2200, Novocoat R200 & Denso Protal 7250, 100% solids epoxy that are not only alternates to fusion bonded epoxy but also can compliment it as an overcoat, having excellent adhesion properties to both FBE and bare steel.

Do you offer internal powder coating? No. It is a different application process that involves a different set of systems and equipment that we do not currently use.

Do you offer any alternatives to internal powder coating? You bet. These would be recommended on a case-by-case basis, depending on the service requirements.