Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, Brother’s provides coatings to combat corrosion and erosion problems that can occur in piping systems, tanks and vessels due to high concentrations of chlorides or chemicals under pressure and high temperatures.

Water & Wastewater

In treated water systems Brother’s provides coatings used in piping in water treatment plants that meet NSF ratings for potable water (for drinking and bathing). Brother’s also internally lines a number of firewater lines in large treatment plants, using coatings for freshwater. For wastewater systems we apply coatings that will prevent corrosion, or erosion issues due to the process by-products that are contained in the fluid or the solids contents that can erode piping systems under pressure.

Drilling & Downhole

For drilling and downhole applications, Brothers provides solutions for erosion and temperature related corrosion for deep down hole tubing strings. These lines are the “lifeline” for down hole tools and must be maintained to prevent expensive losses that can range from equipment to delays on production.

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