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Environmental Commitment

Waste poses a serious threat to our environment. Brother’s works hard to ensure that proper measures are in place within our operations to eliminate any threat to the environment.

By recognizing environmental concerns and potential hazards within our workplace, we have developed the necessary steps within our Health & Safety Program to mitigate them. The staff and management of Brother’s are committed to following an effective waste management program.

Brother’s Environmental policy is based on relevant legislation. Brother’s employees are kept informed of any changes to this legislation and are instructed how they can do their job in a way that will cause minimal harm to the environment as well as minimal material waste.

Where possible, Brother’s recycles generated waste materials without causing damage to the environment. This includes recycling and disposing of waste product through third party operators who dispose of these materials in a safe and environmentally friendly manner in accordance with legislation.

Quality Assurance

Making sure your equipment remains free of corrosion is why we’re around, so it’s safe to say we take Quality Assurance extremely seriously.

Before anything leaves our hands, we scrutinize every millimeter. As an organization dedicated to high quality coating applications, Brother’s follows industry standard protocols set out by the Industry Leading Corrosion Quality Organization.

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) is a group that was formed by combining the former NACE & SSPC Organizations under one umbrella. AMPP is dedicated to corrosion prevention through current publications, specifications and recommended/standard practices and procedures (SPO) and through ongoing training. The SPO’s are developed to the highest standards and are incorporated to form a part of a majority of our customer’s coating specifications.

Although Brother’s maintains its own in-house AMPP Senior Certified Coating Inspector, we highly recommend the use of a third-party coating inspector and we have a very good relationship with many of them. They like working with us for the simple reason that we make it easy for them to do their job. They know we have the same goal – to make sure your equipment is coated to meet the specification and is absolutely 100% holiday free.

* All of Brother’s inspection equipment is regularly maintained and calibrated as per manufacturer’s product guidelines.


& Safety

Brother’s is completely committed to the safety of its employees, partners and clients. As a COR certified company, our safety policies and procedures have been designed around Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines.

We are a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) – an organization recognized within Alberta for safe work practices and training. Since the beginning, our safety training has been performed through certified professional safety training companies.

Occupational Health and Safety regulations also require us to provide medical fit testing for our silica abrasive code of practice and we perform annual fit tests on our employees which include pulmonary function testing (PFT), lifting, hearing etc. to help ensure our employees stay healthy and safe.

  • We do daily forklift and compressor checks prior to each shift and regular maintenance and inspections are carried out by third party companies.
  • Toolbox safety meetings are held prior to each shift and documented. Field level hazard assessments (FLHA) are done at the start of each shift.
  • In house blunder and incident forms are designed to be used with incident investigations and used for preventative corrective action.
  • Breathing air is tested twice yearly for air quality as per approved industry guidelines.
  • Fit testing including pulmonary function testing is done once yearly.
  • Industry safety requirements are provided such as first aid, confined space, WHMIS, forklift and hoisting and rigging.
  • Weekly safety meetings.
  • Monthly shop inspections.

Brother’s is proud to partner with ISNetworld, Avetta and Complyworks to manage their company safety statistics and vendor qualifications.

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