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Brother’s experienced staff can assist in determining the best system to protect your investment. Brother’s applies a complete range of internal and external spray on coatings. When putting together a coating specification each coating has a particular chemical, temperature, pressure and abrasion resistance that must be considered for the specified service.

Brother’s is able to internally abrasive blast and line vessels and tanks, straight line pipe up to 40′ in length and fabricated pipe spools. We are capable of internal lining systems on piping 2″sch 160 and greater. The surface preparation and application technique is perhaps the main factor in determining the success of a particular coating.
Our coating systems include:

  • Thin Film Epoxies
  • 100% Solids Epoxies (Plural Spray Systems)
  • Zinc Coatings
  • Epoxy / Polyurethanes
  • Alkyd Primers and Enamels

Service Environments:

  • Downhole tubulars
  • Abrasive Environments
  • Below Grade Pipeline (including valve assemblies)
  • Under Insulation
  • High Temperature
  • Above grade Protective Paint
  • Pipeline Bends 2″+
  • Process Piping 2″+
  • Produced water / Immersion Piping
  • Upstream Fabricated Piping
  • Potable Water Fabricated Piping (NSF)
  • Waste Water Treatment Piping
  • Firewater Piping
  • Pressure vessels and small diameter tanks
  • Below grade screw piles